Nasty Fest 2018 / Preview

Next month Brighton is host to ‘Nasty Fest’. A day of ferocious DIY punk bands with something to say. Songs with bite. Shouting loud. Shouting Proud. Not to mention an independent market (inc Ladyfuzz) plus vegan food. Put the date in your diaries. Saturday 17th February, tickets available here.


Headlining we have the powerful Dream Nails.

Deferential towards the first wave of Riot Grrrl, the band’s de-constructive take on indie rock tropes is delivered with visceral glee -think Bikini Kill, L7, Le Tigre, and you’d be close.

Continually asking questions, new single ‘Tourist’ is already a pivotal moment in their live set, a scorching evisceration of ‘male saviour’ bullshit.

Front woman Janey Starling explains: “It’s about men who present themselves as a hero but all they really want to do is fetishise sad girls, make them emotionally attached and then abuse that power. We can smell those guys a mile away and they’re creepy.” Check their most recent single ‘Tourist’ below.


Next up is Bugeye. If Debbie Harry, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, & Keith Moon had been kidnapped by vegan aliens & bred, sometimes being tortured with hot poky things, in the pursuit of the ultimate rock & roll sound, the result may have sounded a little like this. Blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions & hi-rise guitar sculptures.

They were also handpicked to support The Cranberries at Wembley once.




Pussy Liqor are an all girl punk band from Brighton described by themselves as ‘putting the amp in tampon, raising oestrogen levels wherever we go’.




Also in the local sector we have CLT DRP and Cannibal Cougar. CLT DRP play a mix of electro punk and Cannibal Cougar are pure Riot Grrrl Drone.

Lastly we have No Violet. FFO grunge and fuzz. Their latest single ‘America’ is out now. Listen to it here.



Stalls at Nasty Fest come in the form of ourselves, Toba Brighton, Oh Someday Jewellery, Laura Danby, Kalee Jones Studio, Wax & Khol and Onesailonesea.

Tickets available here.


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